I highly value my privacy and informational integrity and selected tools to securely discuss over the Internet. You will find below the different ways to reach me.

I'm always interested in meeting people, exploring new opportunities or simply discussing the topics I write about here. So, feel free to contact me by email or to connect on social networks.


Keybase is a great resource to securely verify your online identify and send messages with public-private key cryptography. Once logged in Keybase, click the lock icon on the top right of the page to send a message to me. Then, send the generated message to me via any other contact method, and specify that you used my Keybase public keys to encrypt the message.


If you are for some reason uncomfortable using Keybase or would like an alternative option, you can manually encrypt your messages to hello@benoitvernay.net with PGP. You can find my 2048-bit public key below.

Access PGP key

Wire is an online platform for phone or video call. I recently stopped using Skype for privacy concerns and would be glad to discuss professional endeavors through this secure interface.