This thesis addresses the system-level modeling and simulation of MEMS devices using the analog extensions of the hardware description language, SystemC. We first evaluate the capabilities of models of computation proposed by the SystemC-AMS standard implementation. We then demonstrate the limitations of equivalent models to properly describe the geometry and internal couplings of MEMS devices. To enrich the simulation, we propose to integrate reduced models exported from the finite-element analysis tool MEMS+ directly in SystemC-AMS. To this end, we implement a C++ Application Programmable Interface (API) as well as a module library. Our solution enables to insert lightweight models representing MEMS in usual SystemC-AMS test benches. After reviewing the main API features, we finally test our solution with an accelerometer model and compare the simulation results to state-of-the-art solutions, focusing on accuracy and performance. This thesis introduces a novel system-level framework to efficiently test MEMS models within their surrounding electronics in a unified simulation environment.

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